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Work & Travel in ireland - Gastfamily

By Christoph Dersch ( Germany)
2008-04-17 17:23:24

Hey, ..  
I'm Christoph Dersch from Germany, I'm 19 and finishing my A levels until this sommer. To improve my english i got the idea to make a work and travel trip crossing ireland . In germany there are a lot of organisations which manage such trips but no one was nice enought. So i asked my teachers about this smart idea,... - but no one has any information for me... only to ask directly in a town. And now i'am asking : =) 
Are there something like Gastfamilys who absorb students or who let rooms? to get in a family where I'm constrained to spreak english? 
An how is it with jobs in waterford in summer. I only know that ireland is the land with the best growing up in the EU.  
Are there Jobs for students for the time of 4weeks? Jobs in which I'am able to converse , perhaps in the gastronomy? or is there pherhaps any where else a tourist region? 
i wanna go to ireland for a time of 1-2 months.  
Perhaps you can help me to find my information wherem i looking for. 
i'm thankful for every information i can get. 
Thank you very much. 
and best wishes from Germany 
Christoph Dersch 
PS: Perhaps its possible to start a newspaper advertisement to find a gastfamily who want to have a student subtenant  
For me the important point is to improve my english - but also to have a bit fun and to get to know how the irish tick and live :)  
Thanks again  

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