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Changes in Ireland

By Judy Cole
2008-09-17 17:25:53

My husband and I have traveled Ireland for 2 weeks to 3 months each year for over 25 years. It was one of my favorite places on earth. Unfortunately, it's recent "progress" has totally destroyed the charm and culture we knew and loved. We bought land to retire there, but find the place sadly changed,the charm and magic gone. The beauty remains,but the soul in gone.  
So sad, the Irish have traded their cultural soul for the prosperity of the EU. Their loss and ours.  

By Brian Whitelaw
2008-09-18 10:45:59

Dear Judy 
I am so sorry that you (and your husband) have come to the conclusion you have. I am sure that it was not arrived at easily or overnight. I do agree that there have been negative changes in Ireland over the last decade or so, but equally there have been very many good ones. 
I have travelled extensively and globally over many years but I cannnot find a nicer country and people as the Irish and for that matter the 'new' Irish. Could you be a bit more specific about where you identify the loss of Irish charm, magic and importantly it's 'cultural soul'. Would you not agree that all culture evolve in both positive and negative ways. 

By Suzanne Young
2008-09-18 12:11:07

aa sorry about your negative thoughts. I have lived here for 18 years, before this i travelled all over the world. 
Many cultures even today, are sup standard and not at all disability friendly. 
I came for 2 weeks 18 years ago and i am English, not easy to please :) 
I find Ireland, safe, secure, friendly, kind, welcome and open. 
Yes the lepracorns and fairies are in hidding, but the people and places are the warmest i have encountered in the world. 
God bless the Irish. 
I also take in foreign students, so many have passed thru my door, they do say we are expensive as a country, i do not deny that, blame taxes on imports and the government. 
However, i would rather my children go to school in Irleand, given the present gun and knife culture in most other countries. 
a pro Irish citizen :) 
suzanne, from Beautiful Galway city and county. (married to a Clare man, so it cant be all bad). 

By suzanne
2008-09-18 12:16:37

p.s what i also ment to say, was that my students/visitors from all over europe, really love Ireland and all enjoy there stay. They feel overwhelemed sometimes by the friendlyness and warmth they receive. 
Maybe you could sell your land and move to a better neighbourhood, not sure where you are talking about lacking soul,charm and magic, perhaps you are a little to near a big city, if so, that is all part of any culture like Ireland growing, its just progress.  
I do hope you find somewhere, were ever in the world to make you happy, but, my heart and soul are firmly in this beautiful country.

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