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Bridget O Sullivan Titanic passenger

By Dermot McCabe
2010-01-21 12:19:35

I would like to know if you know anything about Bridget O Sullivan Titanic Victim, as I have some information about her; is there a historical society in Broadford if so I will write an article about her; and publish it in their book?. 

By Louise Feaheny
2011-05-03 22:38:01

I know that Bridget was my great grandmother's (Catherine Norris- nee O' Sullivan) first cousin. I am currently talking to the makers of the RTÉ programme on genealogy to see see if they can help me find out more information.

By Sandra Beverley
2011-05-19 02:29:09

Would love to review any information on Bridget O'Sullivan traveling with Joseph Foley. I believe Joseph may be related to my Grandfather, John Foley of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My great-grandmother was living with a Rose O'Sullivan, and my mother remembers her parents were always upset whenever there was any articles about the Titanic. Been trying to put the pieces together or years now, also a dead end.

By Bella Ingram
2011-08-12 01:59:16

My family has always said that we were related to Miss Bridget o Sullivan, family stories and such. I do have a very intense genealogy for my O Sullivan family from Canada and back in Ireland. I will start looking closer at the possibility of a connection.

By Colleen
2011-10-03 01:37:01

My grandmothers family were o'sullivans from county cork, Ireland. If you come across any information or connection of Bridget o'sullivan to that area I would appreciate it if you could let me know.  
Thank you

By Emma
2012-01-24 17:16:45

Hi There, 
Bridget was my great gran aunt and my mother is from Broadford. I will find out if they have a historic society for you. But I would love if you would share your information with me also as me and my family would love to know more about her. We know she boarded the Titantic with Joseph Foley who had planned to get married in America. If you could give us more information it would be really appreciated.

By William Sullivan
2012-03-24 04:12:11

My great grandfather " Thomas O'Sullivan" was from Broadford, Limerick. His father was Timothy and his mother was Julia Barry. They had 7 children from 1860 to 1873 and all were baptized in the parish of Killeedy. I am making a trip to Broadford this spring in search of more family history. I would love to share information with other O'sullivan's or Sullivan's

By Liz
2012-04-10 20:03:52

I am Joseph Foley's great niece. He was travelling on Titanic with Bridget. They were both servants at Hernsbrook in Limerick before going to America.

By Peggy Perusse
2012-04-11 23:54:43

Does anyone know for sure where Bridget O'Sullivan was born and what her father's first name was. I know her mother was "Mary". Her father was dead before 1900 and he is the connection to my mother's family

By marie b
2012-04-15 07:30:45

there has always been a family legend of a great aunt who was supposed to be on board the titanic and because she always ran late...she missed the boat...the last name could have been: o'sullivan or sullivan; quinn...i've looking for confirmation of this for years...any help would be appreciated!

By Tom Mc
2012-04-17 20:17:03

Bridget was also my great gran aunt on my mothers side. My mother was from broadford but she tells me that Bridget was in fact from ashford. I cannot confirm this though. I Would love to know more.

By dan
2012-05-02 12:47:54

my great granmother was Bridget's sister. 
They came from Dromdeeveen, Mountplummer, Broadford, Co.Limerick. 
W will try and find out more info from her nephews. She had 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Mary my great gran aunt, Mollie,Ellie,Hannie,William and John. I will post more soon. 

By Joan
2012-11-18 20:53:51

Hello there 
My husband's grandfather was Bartholomew Sullivan from Hernsbrook, Killeedy. There were only three families there -Brennans,Sullivans and Ahernes- and it was for the Ahernes that Bridget Sullivan worked. I thought she must have been related as her parents were John and Mary, just like Bartholomews' but on further research her mother was Mary/Maria Barry (not Murphy)and married 1876 in Killeedy. If anybody has any info about the Hernsbrook Sullivans I would be very grateful to hear it. 

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