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Is Limerick Expensive

By Clare
2010-04-13 12:26:18

Hi, some friends and I want to go to Ireland for a long weekend and we were just wondering if it's as expensive to eat and drink as Dublin? What's the average price of a pint? or vodka and coke? 

By Tina Wright
2010-04-16 15:35:03

Hi Clare- We live in Limerick and it is cheaper than Dublin- For a pint of stout and Vodka & Tonic it varies slightly -pub to pub-but the average is about € 10- €11

By Andy
2013-03-18 20:33:49

Hi myself and some friends are looking at stopping in Killarney for a week in June. Is it expensive as I've heard its about 10euros a pint. And are the supermarkets expensive to. Thanks a lot regards Andy

By Dave
2013-03-19 10:50:18

No, it's nowhere near €10 per pint! Even the most expensive pint would be only a little over €5, typically you can expect to pay around €4. Re supermarkets, the discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl are very good value, then you have Tesco and Dunnes.

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