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I was on my own in Dalkey Ireland

By Patricia
2010-09-10 13:41:31

I was on tour with a certain tour company.And we had stop in Dublin Ireland. That afternoon,I went around Dublin,I really loved it, because some of my cousins lived there.And I also wanted to see where my grandMother lived also. So I was coming towards the train center,and thought, Why NOT! So I went,into where you buy your ticket, and I told the person behind,the ticket booth, I would like to go and visit Dalkey, and so he maped from where I was, to where Dalkey was and how to come back from there as well. I payed of my ticket. And off I went. I was going back into the past sort of speak. But I did see where my grandmother lived, and I saw the church,of which her and her family also went to. I saw the little village. I also wished I could have spoken to the parish priest, but he was not around at that time. I wish the people at the Heriage center could have been a little more helpfull for me. Because they told me when I get home to look where my grandmother lived on that street. I told them but I am here, now, so can't someone help me now. But they did not do that. I told them I am here now, I am in the place where my grandmother was. I don't know when I will ever get back here again. But they did not help at all. I could only see, what I saw and then head back to Dublin. I saw it, on my own,and what I saw, I loved. I saw where my GrandMOthere used to live and her family. She was born in 1877. and then came to North America. I saw it, it was to me the chance in a life time to do it. And I took that chance to do it. I was not on any tour, at all.I was all bymyself then. And then I went back to Dublin to catch up with my tour, of which we had the afternoon and evening off.But that was to me brave and very intertesting as well. Not bad Uh!! 

By Roisin
2010-09-14 16:56:47

Sounds like you had a one in a million trip out to Dalkey. You were lucky to use the free time from your tour to go there!  
Unfortunately without an address for your Grandmother it would be very difficult to point you in the right direct. If you have returned home now and you have the address I will go out and take a picture for you and send it to your email. I hope it was good weather when you were here!

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