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Arriving Dublin, leaving from Shannon

By Kathie
2012-03-12 22:53:06

My daughter and I are arriving in Dublin on June 6 and leaving from Shannon on the 21. We have no itinerary and have booked no hotels, except for the first two nights in Dublin. We will tour Dublin using public transportation and on the third day, rent a car and drive north towards Belfast. We plan to drive until we reach the half way point (between Dublin and Belfast), stopping along the way at villages or towns that have points of interest. Then drive straight to Belfast.  
We will tour Belfast for one or two days (using public transportation). Then we would like to tour northern Ireland for two or three 4 days to see the wonderful sights. After that we plan to head south again to tour what we missed on the first go round. Then head west towards Shannon Airport, again touring the lovely towns and villages along the way.  
Here is where it gets sticky. We need help with our itinerary and most importantly what towns, villages or cities to book our hotel reservations in. I know I am subtly asking you to do our homework, but believe me I have tried over and over again and just can't figure it out. If I knew what places to book hotel reservations, I think I would rest a lot easier. I have tried to figure out the "route" sites and just can't make head or tales of them. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you. 

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