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New Years Eve

By Helen
2005-08-23 15:07:24

Does anyone know the places to go in Dublin on New Years Eve and how we get tickets. Have a rubbish new year every year so thought we'd try Dublin because we haven't been before. If anyone knows anything can you email me. 
Thanks x

By Jo
2005-09-06 13:38:35

Helen, I'd be really interested to know what sort of response, if any, you've had to this. Have just moved back to Dublin after 10 years and a load of friends are coming over from the UK to spend New Years Eve here.... I don't know what to do/where to go! Most people I speak to who live here say you're better to get out of Dublin for NY??!

By angelica
2005-09-28 07:15:50

im from poland,my sister vill be visit me and i have no idea where to go for new year eve?can you help me to find some pub,club etc? 
will be gratefull 

By kathy goodman
2006-10-17 17:59:49

There are four of us traveling from United States to Shannon for New Year's, did anything work out for any of you last year or the year before, we were thinking of heading to Galway or Dublin for New Years Eve, any suggestions??

By Tracey
2006-11-15 16:24:23

Well ladies it seems we're all in the same boat. I've just moved here from Australia (6 weeks ago) and have a friend from London coming over to 'hit the town' with us on NYE and I don't have a clue where to take him! I'll keep my eyes on this site to see if anyone replies!

By kyle goddard
2006-11-19 20:17:50

hi my name is kyle im from york england, me and my m8 r going to dublin for new year and my 20th bday which is on the 1st of jan, i was just wondering if n e 1 had n e ideas if u need tickets to get in2 the clubs or pubs bcoz we dnt get there till the 30th, i wud b very gr8full for n e info thanx

By tish
2006-11-27 17:14:40

hi, spirit is a g8t club to go to. The website is Hope its helpful

By ann
2006-11-30 20:46:17

i live in dublin but never go there for new years eve. have heard sprit odeon and lillies are the spots to hit. sure if you google them youll get info on tickets. Beware though taxi's are a novelty in dublin on a night out!!

By Lou
2006-12-10 14:42:24

If you wanna check out it will show u a detailed list of all events on, on NYE. Stick in the date you wanna go out and u can purchase a ticket. Not all places require tickets. If your not into any of tat the best place to go is around Temple Bar in dublin city it is full of bars and clubs tat open late, but as Ann said you will be lucky to get a taxi outta dublin that night or any night as a matter of fact(",)Hope every one has a good night wat ever you do

By Imogen
2006-12-11 19:53:13

Hi All, 
I'm just promoting our jazz trio for NYE. We're playing in Harris bar, Limerick city, which is a great spot. For €30, there's a champagne reception at 9pm, canapes and finger food, us, the band (vocals, piano and violin) playing our unique blend of jazz/funk until 12, and then a DJ from 12-2am. 
I think there might be a reduction for tickets bought beforehand- try ringing Harris bar on 061 312600 or me, Imogen on 087 2365070. 
Whatever you do, have a great night, and if you do join us, come and say hi- I'm the fiddler.

By shaz
2006-12-12 15:59:53

Me and a friend thinking of heading to Kilkenny for the New Year. Anybody know of anything exciting down there?. 

By M�nica
2006-12-19 16:13:47

Hi everyone!! I am from Barcelona and me and my boyfriend are going to Dublin for NYE as well... Did anyone find smth nice and cheap to do?? Please, mail me!! We are quite scared!

By Ruairi
2006-12-19 18:38:07

Re: New Years Eve outside of Dublin

Friends of mine have booked a night at Temple Spa down in Westmeath. Apparently just got Bridgestone award for the restaurant so they've brought in a high-calibre jazz duo to celebrate NYE in style. Me and my lady are considering also. Sounds like something with a bit of style. Dublin is to be avoided at all costs!!!

By Ruairi
2006-12-19 18:52:50

Friends of mine have booked a night at Temple Spa down in Westmeath. Apparently just got Bridgestone award for the restaurant so they've brought in a high-calibre jazz duo to celebrate NYE in style. Me and my lady are considering also. Sounds like something with a bit of style. Dublin is to be avoided at all costs!!!

2006-12-21 23:54:26

New Years Eve around shannon

we are three portuguese friends with a flight booked to shannon in our hands looking for something different on NYE in Ireland. We would like to stay around with the locals. any ideas? anyone to join us?

By Molly
2006-12-27 09:54:49

New Years Eve

Just a quick warning for Kyle in Dublin on the 1st most if not all pubs & shops close unlike in england so i wouldn't be planning a mad one then. As someone who has live here for all of life (25 years) I find it a let down most years because you get ripped on the door charges and in the city centre they always seem to put the prices up but if you do come try get somewhere in town to stay as Ann said above they are like gold dsk most weekends never mind just New Years Eve. Hope you enjoy your stay if you come!

By louise
2006-12-30 02:20:00

Hey, im from belfast and my friends and I took a trip up to Dublin last week. We had no idea where to go out but ended up in a music bar type place called Whelans. It was amazing craic and all the people there were lovely. I would guess it would be a good bet for new years.

By Roisin
2006-12-31 00:27:58

good places are Tripod and crawdaddy, they are on harcourt street for dance music. 
rogue bar on the quays is also good, just ask a taxi driver... 
other than that, the vilage isnt bad, its also around harcourt street- actually , theres LOADS of places to go on that street and the one paralell, Camedon Street- D2 for fun rn'b, whelans as mentioned is very down to earth and on the same street. good luck

By kathryn
2007-10-26 22:43:39

jaysus lads, you`ve all managed to depress me, cause I'm just back after 15 years in france and have several friends coming for NYE in Dulin and obviously, we'll all be knacker drinking in a park somewhere. Very sad for 30 somethings. So, what park and what time????????

By Gaby
2007-10-27 14:27:31

Re: New Years Eve/West Cork

Blairs Cove Restaurant in Durrus near Bantry offers for New Years Eve a unique 6-course Gala Dinner including our legengary Starter Buffet from 7pm.  
Accommodation available check  
Bookings 027-62913 or

By Ian Moffitt
2007-11-05 19:50:32

Hi all, me and my brother are coming over from the isle of man for new years eve and thinking of going out in dublin but staying near swords, is there anywhere good to go around there or in dublin, email me please, im stuck

By jane murrray
2007-11-14 23:24:03

any ideas where a couple 45 plus could spend new years eve music etc, out side of dublin ,

By Mary Sanz
2007-11-26 20:18:08

Hi guys!! 
I'm Spanish and I'll go to Kilkeny to spend NYE because I have a friend living there,but we want to know if it is better to stay in dublin!! email me please!!

By Dave
2007-11-26 20:46:08

I'm taking my son, (14 years old), from Sweden to Dublin over New Years eve. Any good place to recommend that allows me to take him with me for a little more quiet celebration? Maybe a restaurant, music bar, jazz club or any place where people don't get to messy on New Years Eve?

By Chloe Nyiri
2007-11-28 08:49:09

Re: New Years Eve

I'm Hungarian and I will spend New Years Eve alone.I want to go to Dublin but I don't know where to go.Can you help me find some pubs or clubs where I can have a big party? 
Thanks a million, 

By Llinos Griffin
2007-12-04 09:47:02

3 friends and i r gonna be in kilkenny over the new year - wondering where we should go to see new year in?? 

By Niall
2007-12-04 12:11:08

join us chloe, big international party in dublin. email me

By mary
2007-12-04 15:30:41

last year i went to the brazen head it's the oldest pub in dublin, there was food and a trad band, there were alot of nationalities there and a really nice atmosphere.

By Cathy Price
2007-12-08 19:45:37

Hi All - didn't know web sites like this existed :-) stumbled upon and is very useful - so good on person that created it ! Am in Dublin for NYE with my fella, looking for some good live music Irish or not - anyone know of any good mixed music bands playing would love to know.

By paudie
2007-12-09 17:39:32

yea im lookin for somewhere to go i went to the temple bar music center a couple of years ago i might go there this year its got all types of dance music.

By maggie
2007-12-10 01:20:25

i made a rash decision to go to ireland new years eve, heading to cork from australia i need some ideas on how to celebrate help me out???

By Andreas
2007-12-14 15:38:34

Hello all 
Very nice to see this type of homepage where people are helping eachother out :) 
Me and my girlfriend are going to Dublin to celebrate New Years Eve 2007, and we are looking for a good restaurant and some kind of party, so we can have a nice evening.  
Can you recommend any good restaurants that aren't closed on New Years Eve? I have tried calling some restaurants, but they all said they were closed unfortunately :( 
We are thinking of going to "Brutus Gold's Lovetrain - Special New Years Eve Disco Party" which is being held at Spirit Dublin. (It can be found here: 
Any of you know anything about this party, and would you rather recommend us something else? 

By stephanie
2007-12-14 22:26:02

Go to cafe unseine on dawson street lots of men and friendly people on till4

By Maria
2007-12-16 00:30:19

For me, the best place to be on New Year's eve from 11.30 pm onwards, is at Christchurch - everyone is there for the ringing of the bells and singing Auld Lang Syne - best fish n chips are right there too!!!or if you are at Trinity College - look straight up and it's at the top of George's St. Map;

By Jane
2007-12-18 15:55:07

Hi all 
Myself and my friends are going to the Tara Towers Hotel. It's just outside the city centre which is good because I heard it can be insane in the city centre for taxis. Tickets were �35 and I think food is included and there's a live band

By Tiffany
2007-12-19 02:27:18

Re: New Years Eve 2007

My three friends and I will be in Dublin for NYE from Chicago-- we are all single, 3(32) and one who is 25. Any suggestions for a fun evening with other singles? Thanks!!

2007-12-19 13:38:16

I'll join the unanimous pending question, i've just come from Australia and have no idea what to does anyone have any good suggestions thats not going to be a huge mission to get tickets or just to get in? any street parties?

By imi
2007-12-21 17:10:45

my friend and I, both 21, from england and have never been to Dublin before. We are looking for clubs/ bars to go to new years??? we love any music,indie in particular, any suggestions are welcome! 

By Pb
2007-12-23 15:54:09

There's a top do happening at Cork International Airport Hotel, Jazz Latin, African, Reggae, Soca calypso etc with food from around the world, check it:

By Saskia
2007-12-25 21:22:54

Hey everyone! 
I flight from the Netherlands to spend NYE in Ireland too this year! 
Also looking for a plan with friends in Dublin. 
Have you found something nice? 
I got those links about clubs that do something special that night: 
Is it a better plan clubbing or 'pubbing' that special night? 
Hey! What if we all meet in a good pub/club? It would be fun! It seems that Niall knows where an international party takes place. 
Email me! Cheers 

By Ian
2007-12-25 23:06:46

you're mad to consider coming to Dublin for NYE. Pubs and Clubs are jam packed, and you will pay extra cover charges to get in! Plus, you'd better know your way around Dublin because chances are you'll be walking back to where you are staying. Its a joke to get a taxi in Dublin that night. Most locals now have house parties. 
If you are insistent on coming to Dublin for NYE make sure its a ticketed event and you have a ticket beforehand. 
sorry to sound so negative but best that you are pre-warned

By aoife
2007-12-26 20:26:41

The nitelink (bus service)is running on n.y.e starts at 12.30am till 4.30 goes to most area's in Dublin it's only 4 euro if you are a tourist more then likely you will be staying in the city center, so u can walk not far!! unlike ian making it out to be that bad to get around! some places have tickets like D2, Copper face Jacks, around 10/20euro you get a glass of champagne at midnight! 
I'm not sure where I am heading myself!I no I'll be in the city center! can't say I'm onto temple bar that much! I'm in Oz next year so I want a great new years this year!  
us dubs I'm afraid find it just as hard to think of somewhere to go! weekends I go to the Palace Camden St, D2 or Odeon (but odeon it's turned into more of a dance music place) Harcourt St, Fitzsimon's in temple bar! had good nights in all of these places. 
I like the idea of an international party sounds fun!?? 
p.s i hate young crowds in Redz or 21s Qbar on d'olier street. 
over 18's usually means it's u18's over 21's means under 21's  
I'm 23!! lol  

By Murray Welsh
2007-12-27 17:25:46

Im from Stornoway, Scotland and I'm coming to Dublin for the first time on my jack jones for Hogmanay. 
Can anybody recommend a bar to go to with some craic and loads of top talent?? 
Any chicks fancy a beer?? Feel free to email me!

By rachel
2007-12-28 15:43:50

Nancy Blakes in limerick is the place to be it invites 250 people for a sit down meal and music great outback area and wont be too packed plus loads of men tickets are nearly sold out

By martina
2007-12-28 18:47:19

if there will be an international party somewhere in a pub or club, me and my friend would definitely join you! just let me know...greets

By Liam TrueDub
2007-12-29 03:09:48

There is plenty to do on New Years in Dublin. 
If you head to Temple Bar you will be sure to find a lively busy pub and you have Fitzsimons in Temple Bar aswell which is a night club/pub. 
You will find a night club or a pub on almost every street. Make sure you go in early around 7 or later if your not sure ask a bouncer who will be standing at a nightclub or pub.

By zorro
2007-12-29 14:05:57

Hi All, I always stay in Dublin for New Years and have a great year every year. We normally go to the Quays in Temple Bar -- Early- Live bands all day. Were staying in the Gresham Hotel this year so if you interesting in a tour guide with no agenda e-mail me back.

By zorro
2007-12-29 14:14:18

btw taxi are a no no after 9pm on new if you get stuck on new year in the city centre , were booking a suite and will put any of you unfortunate travellers up foc.

By Dave
2007-12-29 14:18:49

Taxis are hard to get on NYE, but there is always the nitelink bus service if you are staying near a route:

By Elaine
2007-12-29 19:35:31

NYE is always busy but that means that it should be a great night wherever you end up! As pointed out already Nitelinks are running so forget taxis, forget the bahumbuggers,'tis true that Dubs like to travel elswhere for NYE but only in the same way as anyone not from Dublin travels here. Advice is go out early, forget dinner, restaurants will be fully booked by now. Grab an Eddie Rockets or something en route to the pub. Temple Bar is tourist central (nothing wrong with that), Dawson St has a few (wannabe) swanky bars like Ron Blacks, Samsara & Cafe En Seine, with Dandelion around the corner, but if old man bars are more your scene, try Kehoes (good luck getting in!), The Dawson Lounge (smallest Pub in Dublin), O'Donoghues, Doheny & Nesbitts, Bruxelles, or O'Neills. All centrally located anyway... Have fun!!

By Dee
2007-12-29 22:07:02

I am going to galway anyone got any ideas for us? 

By Russ
2007-12-30 11:46:18

I'm coming over from England an were going to the Pod in Dublin everyone should go. Looks ace

By neve
2007-12-30 16:46:21

Whelans is a great spot in dublin, usually a live band.went to kilkenny last year was fairly quiet

By c.kerins
2007-12-30 22:02:17

hi, will be staying in westbury new years eve! a birthday present i might add! any ideas where an old couple could go??without looking conspicious!!!!

By joanna
2007-12-30 22:32:04

Anybody knows good funky-music place in Dublin for NY eve?

By joanna
2007-12-30 22:33:30

Anybody knows about funky-music place for Ny wvw 2007? thanks

By imelda
2007-12-31 11:46:12

nearly redundant mother- anything arty on? not sure who i will be with... one of the kids? almost 19 may be alone...two of my friends in same boat...anything in ifi? have never been to the bells and think that might be good for twelve ? anyone any suggestions for a last minute decision?

By Jackson
2007-12-31 12:18:58

All these Dubliners seem to be so negative about New Years. I think for us tourists or expats simply being in a new city is novelty enough for a good night out. I have a few Aussie mates coming over from Belfast and Dublin and I am thinking we can just cruise round the town, drink til we drop and just get all out rowdy. Lucky I live a 5 minute walk from town though so taxis are not an issue. The idea of going out for New Years in my home city back in oz is very dull but I'm sure you Dubliners would love it, and vice versa. Will have to see how the night pans out. I think the trick with any New Years is not to have huge expectations.

By fern
2007-12-31 12:53:47

Loads to chose from in the midlands: westmeath: 5 course dinner + jazz in the lounge: still taking reservations. 057.933.5118 
Charleville Castle in Tullamore: 110euro, DJ, band, jazz buffett.  
Athlone: Radisson 75 euro for a band & buffet. Prince of Whales: Salsa Dancing from 9pm... free! I'll be the one dancing all night :0

By Paul
2007-12-31 14:06:55

If anyone wants to meet up, especially canadians =), a few of us might be headed to Tripod/Woolshed/ or Purty's Kitchen, depending on where the night takes us. Feel free to text 087-263-7409

By Jan
2008-11-17 20:29:43

Coming to Dublin for NYE. Looking for eats/drinks type venue with pop music. We are all over 50 so not looking for clubbing but want somewhere lively. Don't mind booking. Can anyone help.

By mark
2008-11-19 11:43:10

Check out I think you might like the church restaurant at there is a 6 course menue for 75 euros and its a club...usually mixed age groups.

By Matt
2008-11-25 23:06:01

Re: New Years Eve 2009

Hi there-- 
We are coming from Philly and staying in Eden Quay for New Year's Eve. Does anyone have any reccomendations? We are looking forward to it! Thanks!!

By Clare
2008-11-27 15:20:50

Hi there 
There is an event on in Charleville Castle, Tullamore that is brilliant. Its called Glimmerball and is a big party in an amazing castle with band, djs, piano bar, roaring fires, nice food etc. Myself and my friends have been there the last two years and are going back again it's really good fun and a really nice crowd of people. They also run coaches from Dublin city centre return if you want. Check it out

By Janet
2008-12-05 11:28:23

I'm thinking of coming over from Scotland to Dublin for my new year, but I'll be flying solo! I'm 24 and a art student, is there anywhere I could go that'd be likely to be a good night?? I'm confident and can strike up a conversation with anybody, so somewhere where the people are banterous would be great if anyone has any recomendations? My music preferance is usually Rock and metal, but for New Year, i'm open to any musical genre (within reason!) Hope someone can help!

By Grant
2008-12-08 13:20:18

Yea, ill be in Dublin for new years eve too. Dont have a clue as to what im going to do but I have a blast no matter what I do. 27 male. is my my space. I say everyone thats going alone, or dont have planes, we meet up somewhere. Temple bar area maybe? Hit me up. 

By Gemma
2008-12-09 21:13:27

at least im not the only 1 always wondering what to do to celebrate new year. last year we went to The Garden room restaurant in Temple Spa they had some lovely music playing to a gala dinner. Fabulous place and food was amazing. this year im thinking of heading up north...anybody got any suggestions? somewhere good for shopping?

By Eoghan
2008-12-10 12:32:35

I live in Dublin, and go out once if not twice a week in the city.. 
If your looking for a decent spot with friendly people and cool music go wo whelans on wexford st 
If your looking forregular pop tunes and a laugh, go to Flannerys bar on wexford street(get there early though) and copper face jacks on harcourt street, two mins walk away. 
My advice is too kepp away from temple bar as its a rip off an a tourist trap. feel free to email me and id be happy to give you advice.

By Kar
2008-12-10 22:44:57

Galway - Kings Head or the Living Room are usually pretty good. Nightclubs fill up pretty quickly [well the good ones!] Might I recommend Halo or Cuba :)

By matthew
2008-12-11 21:56:16

hey im thinking about dublin for new years, im going with a few lads all in our early 20s, looking for beer and girls, any one got any suggestions? 

By Ricardo
2008-12-12 13:00:15

Hi you all... I'm going to pass the NYE in Dublin. As I've never been there I would love to know where are the best places to go. We're a few guys around 27 years old.  
We would love to meet girls, dance a lot and DRINK as much as we can...  
If you have an idea, please be back to me (

By niamh
2008-12-14 20:55:07

try Dingle -its brilliant

By Jane
2008-12-15 15:25:38

The Burlington Hotel are having a New Years party, tickets are �99 and the Camembert Quartet are playing!

By Eimear
2008-12-18 10:25:55

anyone know the good spots in galway for new years eve? me and 12 of my friends are booked into a b&b were all aged 20-22

By Charlie
2008-12-18 14:52:52

Hi new years eve (09) is my 21st and so am looking for somewhere fun to go. I am struggling to find anywhere that plays rock/metal/alternative music.. any suggestions anyone...? thanks

By suzanne
2008-12-18 19:26:43

hi Eimear, you should check the pubs and clubs cos they often want prior notice if there is a gang of you. Also many pubs charge and entrance fee, for what i do not know as they do not offer anything much in return usually.

By Vito
2008-12-18 20:29:17

My wife and I are old rock and rollers from the 60's! From Detriot, will be in Dublin for 8 days inc. NYE. staying downtown. Any info would be appreciated. thanks, V

By Nicole
2008-12-18 21:26:32

My husband and I are going to be in Dublin for New Years Eve and are looking for a rock/indie/alternative/metal bar to go to. Please email with suggestions.

By Mark Heather
2008-12-22 20:02:15

Hey, I am working for club m in temple bar. we are holding the Diamonds Are Forever theme party on new years eve. doors open from 9pm, admission only �15 before 10pm. VIP Champagne packages available, standard tickets allowed at �25 per person. 
Club m is a fantastic nightclub spread over 2 floors. check it out 

By john
2008-12-27 17:30:33

i can recommend the burlington new years extravaganza for anyone looking for a fun party night, more siuted to the over 30's not looking to rave the night away, dress is smart but casual, the great camonbert quartet are playing so i'm sure it will be a fab night as has been in previous years...anyone travelling from afar it.s only �99 per room to stay overnight... enjoy all...

By angela
2008-12-29 13:07:59

Hi, can anyone recommend somewhere to go on new years eve in dublin?? 
Not clubbing, but lively. thanks.

By Fran
2008-12-30 18:47:11

As a Dub living here over 40 years, it is an expensive party spot. Best bet would be go to Christchurch for the Bells at 12, prior to that hang around Temple Bar as it aint that far a walk to Christ Church Cathederal. Be careful of the local thugs mind

By christine
2008-12-31 11:06:53

We will be 6 girls going to howl at the moon this NYE, cover charge is 10euros and u get a glass of champagne, its got 4 floors, and its a really good atmosphere.

By Stephen
2008-12-31 15:26:34

Howl will be crazy packed. Will be looking for somewhere more relaxed and not as a crowded? Any idea's?

By soz
2009-10-08 16:43:53

It all depends what kind of music you like, Tripod is the best for house lovers. I would say AVOID Coppers and Flannerys as they are always jammed and play dire cheese (think 500 miles and eye of the tiger all night long)..

By Eliza
2009-10-28 22:41:39

Doolin is fantastic for New Year. Great Craic in the pubs, good restaurants. We have holiday homes that sleep 6 available for �399 for a week and special offers at our hotel About 3 hours drive from Dublin

By Joanna
2009-11-05 14:07:15

In my opinion Dublin is one of the worst places u can find for spending new year's eve. As a capital of european country it's a shame that there is nothing organized here! Every other big city - Berlin, London, Paris...etc.. has fireworks and concerts. Here it's just dead! Just pubs and restaurants! Boring!! I will defenitelly not spend another new year's eve here. It's a waste of time!

By iris
2009-11-07 17:14:43

will be in Dublin for NY. want to go to a techno/house party. do you know some good clubs where we could find this kind of event,except Tripod? we are coming from Croatia and really looking forward.

By iris
2009-11-07 17:16:50

will be in Dublin for NY. want to go to a techno/house party. do you know some good clubs where we could find this kind of event,except Tripod? we are coming from Croatia and really looking forward.

By Lisa
2009-11-12 20:14:30

Are there any fireworks in Dublin on NYE? We're heading over and didn't want to go to a bar on the night itsef just hang outside; something similar to the fireworks on the Thames perhaps? 
Any advice or websites I'd appreciate it. 

2009-11-13 12:54:58

Hi there, 
Anyone know of a good new years venue or ball type party in Limerick/Clare/Tipperary location.

By Jenny Riley
2009-11-17 17:19:49

As far as I know there's some fireworks but I haven't been around Dublin for a while! Best bet is to book into a hostel in the city centre, they're very cheap, 15-20 a night and go out into Temple Bar or around Camden street or anywhere in the city centre really, the place has plenty of pubs with lots happening in them and most you wont have to pay into or need tickets....just get out early.... no matter where you go you'll have some fun (but yeah the taxis are scarce so be prepared to walk or bring flat shoes in the hand bags ladies :-) )

By Caroline Duffy
2009-11-23 18:05:33

I am organising a NYE Charity Ball In Aid Of Our Lady's Children's Hospital. 
Venue: Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links 
Time: 7pm  
What: Champagne Reception, 4 Course Meal with wine, DJ, Live Music from Loose Change, Bar Extention, Raffle, Auction, Special Accommodation on the night. 
Price: �100 per head (very worthy cause) 
Ctc: Me for tickets on 0877750380 or email 

By Carly
2009-11-24 18:32:07

i'm from offaly and have friends comin over from oz for new years and i wanna take them to either galway or cork can any1 recommend which would b best?? i have no idea??

By Kat
2009-11-24 22:42:26

SOLAS BAR at 31 Wexford Street Dublin 2, is in the city centre, a five min stroll from St Stephan's Green & the Luas stop. 
We are hosting an ABSOLUT DISCO theme for this 2009 New Years Eve.  
Book your table for 6 people for only �100, and receive a complimentary bottle of Champagne to toast in the New Year and a complimentary platter for your table too. 
Tickets were released yesterday and are limited. 
Phone 01-4780583 to pre-book your table or e-mail to

2009-12-03 13:55:37

My partner and myself will be in Dublin for NYE. I've done a bit of research on the net and have come across The Irish House Party. Can anyone recommend? 
Have a good one!

By Gem
2009-12-07 21:26:17

New Years 2010....

Hi guys. 
New year 2010. Any events suggested? If nothing specific planning a pub crawl, expecting to collect a few people on the way. any ideas for somewhere cheap cheerful with usic and a dancefloor? Preferably not clubs as would rather flit from one place to another. xx

By A2BCabs Shannon
2009-12-10 14:07:03

If you are flying into Shannon Airport this Christmas and you need transport please give me a call 10% cheaper than other companies.Tel Barry 061 705366.Happy New Year to all and safe traveling.

By iknowsmeshtuff..
2009-12-15 14:10:21

"TIME" Nightclub in Naas,Co.Kildare 
This is the place to go !! 
Its a huge venue:  
4 floors, each floor plays different music, 9 bars,great drink promotions..and has a themed NEW YEARS party. Its were im headed anyway!:-) Check out the site for more info

By lisa
2009-12-18 12:59:57

hi all was wondering if any 1 could help me please im flyin over from the uk and was wondering where is the best place to spend nye this year as never been to dublin before. please help me thank u xxx

By Yvonne
2009-12-18 13:39:10

Anyone any suggestions for Cork? Want something a bit different? A ball or something like that but suitable for 25year olds...any ideas?

By Marie
2009-12-21 01:11:09

Hi everyone, 
Same as above...coming to Dublin to spend NYE over there. We're to belgian girls (women, 30')and it's our first time in Dublin, and Ireland. We don't like big clubs, house nor techno. Rather a more laid-back party (might be disco, rock, international, latin or of course Irish (though I haven't got a clue what's that supposed to sound like!) or a pub where some dancing might start later on. We're staying close to the temple bar area. Any ideas welcome! Or an invitation to a private dublin party would be even better :-) 
Thx! Marie

By Melanie
2009-12-22 12:23:49

A pub crawl around templebar is always fun - I think fitsimons in templebar is having a prty. Also the woolshed on parnell st is good fun. Be prepared to spend a lot of money - pubs / taxis etc hike up prices for new yrs.

By Lisa
2009-12-23 21:39:35

Copper Face Jacks 
The Odeon 
The Palace 
The Village 

By Kj
2009-12-27 18:53:38

My partner and I are coming over for New Year and I've been reading all the places people have suggested and checking them out...but none seem to tempt me to go! We are a gay couple so any suggestions on the front for New Years??!!! Thanks

By lisabella
2009-12-28 10:38:26

Re:french New Years 2010....

hi everyone my boyfreind came from france to spend christmas here but wer looking for a place in the new year wer we can find french crowd so he wont get home sick ...hihi any idea

By George
2009-12-29 00:11:24

My girlfriend and I are in Dublin for NYE, not up for a big night club, but def up for a big night! It'll just be the 2 of us so keen to meet ppl too! 

By Brian Kerr
2009-12-29 14:28:53

Re: New Years 2010....

New Years Eve in Dublin can be great! If you do the right thing.  
I am going to the Village on Wexford Street. The Amazing Few 3D Funhouse show. These guy's are a great live act and put on a really fun show. This one is in 3D with the glasses provided. Funzo, Gran casino and Bot heads on the line up as well. Cheap and fun... I got my tickets from ticket master but you can get them on the door I am sure. go early

By sinead byrne
2009-12-29 19:11:53

dingle in kerry for new years what do people think????

By Jeanette H
2009-12-29 19:48:00

Have just decided to go to the Burlington but not sure how to dress...please help?

By mohsh
2009-12-29 23:38:14

New Years 2010....

Me and my friend are new to dublin 
we both are from India of age 25. 
this is our first newyear abroad so would like to blast this year. 
we are in search of good company for this newyear. If any one would like to give a company for us that would be greatful.  
plz mail me if u like

By lk
2009-12-30 23:33:54

The best gay spots are The George (bar and club -cover charge after 10pm) on Georges St, The Dragon on Georges St and the Front Lounge (bar) on Parliment St - all in the city centre and within walking distance of Temple Bar.

By fireworks
2009-12-31 17:16:26

Is there any fireworks displays in either Galway or Dublin this year?

By Kerry
2010-08-05 01:15:04

I'm coming to Ireland this new years with my husband, brother, and father. I'm hoping to stay somewhere between Waterford, Wexford, and Cork area for New Years...If anyone can give us some suggestions we'd love a good place to spend the club please.

By Danielle
2010-08-05 21:50:29

I'm from Dublin, I'm 23 and every new years I've ever had has been a major let down! This year my friends and I want to do something different, fun and crazy, something original! Has anyone got any ideas???

By Colin
2010-09-14 20:52:04

Me & my wife are Looking to stop some why & party in cork for the new years eve

By Aidan Proctor-Fitzsimons
2010-09-20 16:23:57

Hi All, 
FACEBOOK - Search and Like "Fitzsimons Temple Bar" 
I wanted to let you know that Fitzsimons Temple Bar will be hosting a New Years eve party @ Melaine (thanks for the mention). We have not issued tickets yet but if you contact me I can reserve them for you. �10 for ticket. We host live music every night in the bar, have 5 floors, rooftop terrace and nightclub, generally playing pop, chart dance and rock. 
check out youtube channel to get a feel for the atmosphere and music

By Andrea Herbert
2010-10-12 23:38:29

Hey Aidan - Fitzsimons looks amazing - my husband and I are planning a trip to Ireland for New Years and we are from Colorado so we have no idea where to go! When are the tickets going on sale for New Years?

By Chris
2010-10-27 13:03:51

Fitzimons is one of the most expensive clubs in Ireland, the ticket might be 10 euro but you won't get 2 drinks for that price in there. Unfortunately that is the same for most pubs in Dublin, especially on New Years in the Temple Bar area. If your visiting from abroad and you want to stay in Dublin then by all means go to Temple Bar but it will be full of tourists and will cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to travel down the country then go to Dingle,Co Kerry. It is a true reflection of Ireland, bands in the street, outdoor count down projected onto the side of a house and a big nightclub. Ennis, Co. Clare is another good spot. Galway is probably the best city to go out in Ireland, i've never been there for New Years but for other festivals I have been there and they really know how to do it right. Cork is also a good city to go out in, I have only been there once though and can't remember the names of any of the pubs I was in. The only problem with going to places like Dingle or Ennis is that they are at least an hour from the nearest motorway and if the winter is anything like last year then the roads will be very icey and dangerous to drive on. You can however get the train to Tralee and get a bus from there to Dingle. I am currently trying to convince my mates to go back to Dingle again for New Years, the only ones who have not committed yet are the ones who have not been there. I would spend every New Year down there if I could. Hope this helps.

By Sarah
2010-11-01 13:35:54

Chris can you advise on where is best to go for age group 27 - 31. We were thinking also of Temple Bar but only because it has been recommended by people who have only been there... We would like to go somewhere really lively, with proper down to earth, good craic irish folk, it doesnt have to be cheap as chips but certainly dont want to exchange limbs for drinks!  
if you could email me a response that would be great 
Many thanks in advance

By Megan
2010-11-05 02:30:21

Galway or Dingle for American girls in their 30s who have been to both places before (but not for NYE)???

By chris murphy
2010-11-09 20:14:13

I am coming to dublin new years eve with my girl friend and 4 others dont know what 2 do where to go....... help!!!

By Jodes
2010-11-14 11:01:52

Gday All, im a 30yr old aussie chick coming to dublin for new years (first time to ireland) after a week in scotland for xmas (first time there too) anyway i was wondering if anyone had any luck finding anywhere to go in dublin or is it just the temple bar? Worse case scenario maybe all of us off here could meet up and make a party of our own where ever lol...

By Will
2010-11-15 22:42:34

Coming to Dublin for NYE solo. Looking for others doing the solo travel thing. I'm with Jodes, a big group would be better than going it alone. Make our own party if need be...

By Michelle
2010-11-16 15:02:20

Hi all, Im a 27 year old Dublin girl so Ill try and advise you on where to go. If you are not staying in the city centre I wouldn't recommend going out there as its near impossible getting a taxi home when everythings over. I was in Tripod at the top of Harcourt st 2 years ago and only for my friend being in town working and gave me a lift home I would have had to walk home. Well Tripod has Japanese Popstars on there this NYE. So if you're into your dance music that might be the place for you. I wouldnt touch Temple Bar with a pole. Its just full of stags and hens most weekends and youll be hard up to find an Irish person there. The place with the most pubs and clubs is harcourt street with the infamous Copper Face Jacks. If you want to see Irish people you wont get more Irish than there. Theres also Dicey Reillys on Harcourt st that has the most amazing heated beer garden outside. D2 nightclub is also located on that street along with Krystle nightclub. You can cut from Harcourt street over to Wexford street where theres an abundance of clubs and pubs. Pubs - Solas, Flannerys(people who go to Copper Face Jacks usually start here)then Whelans which is more if you like indie music and rock then there's the Village. If you dont know where to go you're best off hitting these two streets cos theres plenty of choice.

By Michelle
2010-11-16 15:02:20

Hi all, Im a 27 year old Dublin girl so Ill try and advise you on where to go. If you are not staying in the city centre I wouldn't recommend going out there as its near impossible getting a taxi home when everythings over. I was in Tripod at the top of Harcourt st 2 years ago and only for my friend being in town working and gave me a lift home I would have had to walk home. Well Tripod has Japanese Popstars on there this NYE. So if you're into your dance music that might be the place for you. I wouldnt touch Temple Bar with a pole. Its just full of stags and hens most weekends and youll be hard up to find an Irish person there. The place with the most pubs and clubs is harcourt street with the infamous Copper Face Jacks. If you want to see Irish people you wont get more Irish than there. Theres also Dicey Reillys on Harcourt st that has the most amazing heated beer garden outside. D2 nightclub is also located on that street along with Krystle nightclub. You can cut from Harcourt street over to Wexford street where theres an abundance of clubs and pubs. Pubs - Solas, Flannerys(people who go to Copper Face Jacks usually start here)then Whelans which is more if you like indie music and rock then there's the Village. If you dont know where to go you're best off hitting these two streets cos theres plenty of choice.

By Dan
2010-11-16 15:07:54

Hey All, im a 28 year old Dublin guy and am currently looking at options for new years eve for me and a group of my friends. As someone who has spent many a new years eve in Dublin city centre I myself am looking at other options for us (maybe a NYE ball in a hotel not too far from Dublin which includes a night a accommodation) BUT that�s not to say I would not go to temple bar etc if it didn�t work out. Anyone who is coming to Ireland for the first time shouldn�t be put off by some of the comments above � yes it�s a little expensive, yes it can be hardwork getting in places but some nightclubs are great fun, just you need to know where to go. As you will most likely be staying in a hotel yourself in city centre the taxi�s (or lack there of) should not be an issue. 
Few recommendations � Alchemy Nightclub - temple bar (crowd can be a little young but recently renovated so not too much riff raff), Lillies Bordello � Grafton Street (bit older crowd and more classy so strict on the door, especially for lads) Fitzsimons � Grafton street (nice place but can be a bit too packed and hard to get a drink), The Morgan Bar � temple bar (great place, not the biggest though) 
I could go on, if you want more let me know id be happy to help! I am a fan of Dublin nightlife as you can probably tell. All of the above are nightclubs but there�s loads of bars which are great craic and open till 3.00am also 

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