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Information for LIVING in Dublin

By Laurie Saper
2005-12-01 19:04:37

We currently live in Cambridge, England. My husband will be doing post-doctoral work in Dublin beginning in January 2006. I have searched the many sites available for TOURIST-type information, but I have not been able to get much help on actually LIVING in Dublin. Information such as HOSPITAL INFORMATION (we will also be having a baby in Dublin soon after arrival). Although we will not yet be under the National Health Care system of Ireland, **could you possibly provide me information about PRIVATE HOSPITALS in the Dublin City-Centre or Dublin area?? Particularly MATERNITY PRIVATE HOSPITALS with a means of directly contacting them?? We are prepared to pay hospitalization and medical costs initially while we get settled as "residents" of Dublin. We also have other children and will need reliable hospital information for emergencies, etcetera-- again, until we are more settled. DIRECT PHONE NUMBERS to any Dublin-area private hospitals would be most helpful! That way I can further investigate areas of concern on my own. 
Another issue: I have looked through the "self-catering" apartments in Dublin city-centre. Is this the most reasonable avenue to investigate for short-term accommodation?? In other words, that we will be temporarily living in an apartment or B & B of sorts while we look for more permanent accommodation. Would there be any other LEADS that you could give me on pursuing some kind of short-term accommodation for our initial arrival into Dublin??? (until we are more settled).  
Thank you very much for your QUICK response. Again, we will be doing this just after Christmas, so an immediate response would be most helpful.  
Kind regards,  
Laurie Saper 
Cambridge, England

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