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By b donoghue
2006-03-03 02:16:45

I am researching my g.g grandfather and believe he was born in Kilquade or Mungret. I cannot find these places on a map and would appreciate any guidance available

By Conor OToole, Executive Travel services
2006-03-03 14:22:12

I cant find Kilquade but there is a mungret in Limerick near the shannon estuary.

By Editor
2006-03-03 14:29:19

Kilquade is located in the east of the country, just south of Dublin, in County Wicklow.

By conor o'toole
2006-03-04 00:18:27

Thanks for the info.Is Mungret a town in its own right or is it a suburb of Limerick. If the former would they have a Register of Births Death and marriages??. I am planning a trip to Ireland in June and would include Mungret in the itinerary if worthwhile. Meanwhile many thanks for your help.

By Editor
2006-03-04 00:25:17

Thank you for your reply. Is Kilquade a town in its own right or is it a suburb of Dublin. If the former is it likely to have a register of Births Deaths and Marriages. Thanks once again

By joe
2006-03-05 02:08:14

Kilquade is not even a village, it is a "townland" in County Wicklow - you wont find it on any map bar a really detailed Goverment "Ordinance Survey" map 
Good point - its about 30 minutes drive from Dublin so its easy to get to - if you are looking for death/marriage type stuff always go to the local Catholic Church in the area - they have records going back to the year dot

By Joe
2006-03-07 06:21:06

Thanks for the info Joe.What is a "townland" ? perhaps I would have a better idea if you could tell me some idea of the population.Im guessing that its something like what we would call a suburb ie a suburb of Dublin. 
Have you heard of Mungret as that may be the place where my G G grand father was born. 
You mention that the best place to get details of Births would be a Catholic Church. Do you know whether either place would have a Cath. Church and if so how I might contact them. Kind regards barry

By Barry D
2006-03-28 06:37:08

Could somebody please let me know the size of Kilquade and Mungret near Dublin and whether either has a Register of Births Deaths and Marriages. Would either place have a Catholic Church ??

By Barry D
2006-03-31 02:05:01

Since nobody has responded to my enquiry I think that I might have left a dot out of my return email address. I am certain that someone must know some detail about Kilquade and Mungret and I would appreciate any detail.

By Sarah
2006-08-23 14:55:02

hi Barry, 
You have probably found out where Kilquade is at this stage. It is a townland in Co. Wicklow. It is part of the parish of Newtownmountkennedy which is a village. Kilquade itself does not have a village, just rural houses. I think you can find the information you require by contacting Wicklow County Council in Wicklow town 

By dermot
2007-10-01 15:53:53

Hi, The wicklow Kilquade though not a village contains, 'The Russian Village'. Former President O Dalaigh used to live there. It really is quite beautiful. Before the concept of gated communities it was a refuge for ex pat brits who didn't want to mix with the locals. Prosperous Paddies have reclaimed it.

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