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Moving to Ireland

By Corinna
2006-03-24 16:38:03

Just wondering whether you can give me some advice. My husband and daughter and I are going to be moving to Ireland next year. My family live in Dublin, but we've been told to look at other areas due to the house prices in Dublin being so high. I don't know any other areas very well, but we're focusing our search in Westmeath, Kildare and Longford. Can you suggest which areas are ok and tell me which ones to avoid? Any help would be great!! :)

By Conor OToole, Executive Travel services
2006-03-27 19:33:48

Hi Guys, 
A loy of parts of ireland are getting very deer, you mention kildare and dublin, both of these are very dear. If you work on a basis that any where withen 45 mins to 1 hour from dublin is generaly dear enough because people comute to work. Longford is still quite cheap and if your heading that direction think about leitrim, carrick on shannon is very up and comming and a lot of building going on. Mbna credit card company have one of there main offices in the town with over 1000 staff, 
Ideally it depends where you want to be in a town or withen a few hours drive of a big city. If you want anymore help feel free to drop us a line. We moved out of dublin 6 years ago to carrick and wouldnt move back to dub 
Best of luck 

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