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My Uncle, the late Cyril Clifford Gibbons

By Clilfford Gibbons (Cliff) Fox
2006-05-29 21:39:18

Kind Sirs/Madames: 
One of my three maternal uncles, Cyril Gibbons, is buried in Kilmore Quay, as reported in a letter from Ernest Brandon, of the Rectory, Foulksmills, dated 14 Aug 70. 
I would very much appreciate it if I could impose on someone of your number to take several digital pictures of the headstone and forward same to me via email. 
The text of the Rector's letter is as follows: 
The Rectory 
14 Aug. 1970 
Co. Wexford 
Dear Miss Gibbons, 
At long last the graves are completed. We had to wait a long time for it, first, there was the difficulty in obtaining the granite and then a cement strike came upon us. It was worth waiting for as it is an excellent piece of work and a worthy tribute to a friend of our family. I have put up a similar one to Connie. He is buried in a group of graves which is like a little “home” surrounded by friends and neighbors he knew so well. If ever you would like to come over to see the grave you would be most welcome to stay here. 
It makes me feel very happy that the grave is now completed. I felt it was my duty and my last tribute to him. We all liked him so much – he was a good sort and what patience – an example. 
I enclose account. Would you forward cheque to me and I can pay Mr. Doyle. Many thanks and best wishes. 
Yours sincerely, 
(s) Ernest Brandon 
The "Connie" referenced above is Constance (Con) Godfrey, widow of Major Godfrey of Kilmore Quay, with whom, I am told, Cyril lived after the Major's death. 
Thank you for this kindness. 
Cliff Fox 
Long Beach, California 
"The Colonies" 

By ian kelly
2013-11-06 19:03:19

fond memories of connie and mickeyat kilmore quay where i spent my 10th birthday on 4 th august 1943!!

By Therese
2015-10-20 14:42:33

C.M. Clifford Gibbons b. 28-2-1893 d. 26-2-1966 In Loving Memory of Constance Georgina Godfree 1887-1968

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