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Electricity question

By Kelly Daniels
2006-07-11 05:08:29

Is it true that the Republic of Ireland uses 220v AC, and Northern Ireland uses 240v AC? Is this something I need to worry about? If I buy a device that works up to 220V, can I use it in an area that is set up for 240V, or is that enough of a difference to damage it?  
If anyone knows the answer to this, can you please reply to me at kldaniel @ (make sure you don't include the spaces, of course). I am posting this question everywhere, and I will probably forget which places to check for replies. 
Thanks very much! 

By Alan
2006-08-03 10:35:52

The voltage in Northern Ireland is 240V, 50AC. (The US runs on 110V, 60AC.) To prevent a US appliance running twice its usual speed and burning out, buy a converter - or dual voltage appliance (eg hair dryer). You can also buy a plug before you leave to fit different socket configurations.  
20V is not enough of a difference to damage the item.

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