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By Barbara Sue Newman
2006-11-24 21:31:51

My ancestor George Sexton was the Mayor of Limerick in 1738. What sources in Limerick are available to research his family tree. I do not have any other information i.e birth/death/marriage dates. An address of the Mayor's office would be helpful. I thank you in advance!

By James Sexton
2007-10-18 21:45:07

GEORGE SEXTON (1632-1690) was undoubtedly the emigrant ancestor of my family, although there is no record of his coming to America. The earliest mention of him, June 10, 1663, is found in a book of deeds at Springfield, Massachusetts, where he is called a resident of Windsor, Connecticut. (a) At that time he bought of Thomas Cooper two parcels of meadow and upland at Waranoke [called Westfield since 1669]. He is supposed to have been born about 1618. The apparent ages of his sons would place his birth at not later than 1635. One theory as to the origin of George Sexton seems worthy of further investigation. The Sextons of Limerick, Ireland, were Protestants and undoubtedly of English ancestry. During the famous siege of Limerick by Ireton in 1651, some of the inhabitants fled to America, among them, it is said, Edmund Fanning and George Sexton. In the Irish probate records is the will of a "James Sexten, Lemerick, Burgess," lated December 14, 1669; sons, George, Symen, Patrick, Joseph, Stephen, and a daughter Joane, to whom are left certain legacies in case the estate be recovered. If George Sexton was an Irish refugee, it is easy to understand why the records of Windsor have so little to say concerning his presence there. Living in a community where his neighbors were partisans of Cromwell and hence potential enemies, he would be content to live safe from further persecution. He would not be likely to become an adherent of the church organization that had been responsible for loss of property and kinsmen, a tyranny from which he had barely escaped with his life. Hence he could not become a freeman, or a citizen, and a real member of the community. No record has been discovered showing that he had his children baptized. It is possible too that on coming to America he moved from place to place and that his stay at Windsor was brief. Because George Sexton lived at Windsor for a time, it has been said that he was a brother of "Richard Saxston." This seems unlikely, for the two families did not use the same baptismal names. It is more likely that he was a nephew or even a more distant relative. It is possible that the similarity of surnames was merely a coincidence. Between 1663 and 1666 George Sexton moved to Westfield, Massachusetts, where he was one of the first three permanent settlers. It seems probable that George Sexton was never reconciled to the church in New England, but Katherine, his wife, was admitted to the church at Westfield, July 13, 1682. She died September 19, 1689. The names of six sons are known, but the order of their birth is uncertain. There may have been other children not recorded. There has been considerable discussion as to the proper spelling of this surname. In the early records of George Sexton and his family, the name was almost always spelled as given here. After the family had scattered, many branches, either by accident or design, adopted the spelling "Saxton."  
The Sexton's have long been mayors of Limerick, Ireland. Before George there was Christopher (1584-1669), Edmond (1564-1636), and Stephen (1544-1587) Perhaps it was one of their son's who became the mayor after my ancestor, George, left for America,and is your ancestor.

By Kristen Sexton Olson Murtaugh
2007-11-01 01:58:36

I have recently discovered that probably the same Limerick Mayor George Sexton that Barbara writes of is one of my ancestors, too. My family tree indicates that he descended from another George, who was Alderman of Limerick (d. 1745?). My Mayor ancestor married a Mary Greagh; they had three sons, William, James (married Jane Arthur), Andrew, and a daughter, Jane (married Cromwell Price). Are any of these names familiar to you? My mother's family descends from James. My husband and I are planning a trip to Ireland next summer and we hope to visit Limerick.

By keith gittens
2007-11-18 20:27:01

hi to all,george sexton is my direct line to, from limrick ireland to ct to va to ga and all the south , I have lots of info on all the sextons.

By Michele Snook
2007-11-26 15:31:45

My Grt Grt Grt Grandfather William Henry Hall was the Lord Mayor of Limerick in 1853. I know of his wife Anne Maria Agar and a little of his 11 children and that they were Catholic but other than this I have come to a stop. Is there anyone that can aid me further. 
Many thanks

By Patricia McCall
2011-03-19 02:22:06

My great-great-grandfather, James O'Kane was born in Ireland in 1796. 
He arrived in Ellis Island in America in 1834. Does anyone have any other information about him? If not, could you tell me how to go about finding out more? Thanks.

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