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General discussion forum for questions and queries relating to travel to and within Ireland.

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Last post at 2006-04-09 17:23:18
2 replies

Places to take young children for day out

Hi   I am looking for places of interest to take a group of 50 4-5 year olds on a day trip in the Limerick are...

Last post at 2006-04-09 12:50:36
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dublin to portlaoise trains

I am on 13.30 flight to dublin on 15/04/06 and want to know trains that go and times to portlaoise ...

Last post at 2006-04-09 12:04:12
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Can you send me the times for dublin to kilkenny on the 28th of April and kilkenny to dublin on the 30 may...

Last post at 2006-04-07 11:44:54
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any job in Waterford

Hi!I'm Joanna(21 yrs ) from Poland. I'm planning to visit Waterford during the summer holiday and I'm looking for a job.I have e...

Last post at 2006-04-07 05:26:04
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Great Southern Hotel Dublin Airport - 4*

Are your hotel rooms air-conditioned?...

Last post at 2006-04-07 04:24:59
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I am 34 y/o- 1 of 4 surviving children of our parents/ 2nd generation to be born in the USA. I am of Houle and of Falon. My fa...

Last post at 2006-04-06 18:37:36
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mobility wheelchairs

Please can you help i am going to attend a wedding in dublin in september an my mother would like to go but she will need to hir...

Last post at 2006-04-06 14:02:37
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William Murphy (dob 1885 circa)

Married to grandmother ?Elizabeth , daughter Josephine William Murphy my mother (deceased), who had a brother called Raymond. N...

Last post at 2006-04-06 12:36:46
1 reply

Hotel, B&B... for June 8th till June 11 th 2006!

Hello,  we are three women from Germany and are interested in a place to stay in the time from June 8th to Jun...

Last post at 2006-04-05 15:56:16
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Co. Down B & B

Looking for one operated and owned by the McKays...

Last post at 2006-04-04 21:23:12
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Where can i find parking in pheonix park, near the track for the 10k on sunday 9th of April? Apparently parking is not available...

Last post at 2006-04-03 18:33:32
2 replies

Dublin relatives named Strong

Seeking info on any Strong relatives who were living in Dublin in 1990s....

Last post at 2006-04-03 16:49:25
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Gillighan's World

Can you tell me if Gillighan's World at Tubbercurry is still operational. Have been trying to find out when it opens but can't ...

Last post at 2006-04-03 15:38:09
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Permission to use Dublin street map

Hi, I am making a demo for a mobile phone map application and am wondering if it's possible to use your street map in t...

Last post at 2006-04-03 03:40:07
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Nightclub age limits

Is there an age limit for nightclubs in Dublin? I am 17 and really want to go to one......

Last post at 2006-04-02 00:40:38
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Goodbody relative

I'm trying to get info about an aunt that lived in Dun Laoghaire in 1990s. She volunteered at a local library. Had son and fami...

Last post at 2006-04-01 19:51:59
2 replies

special needs

hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the transport is like for wheelchairs ! Will we have problems gettig out and abo...

Last post at 2006-03-30 17:01:17
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Hi, I was hoping someone could help me to find an accomodation!? I am a student from Switzerland who's coming ...

Last post at 2006-03-30 11:11:40
1 reply

Dublin to Belfast

My daughter, a friend, and I will be traveling to Belfast in just over a week. We will be flying into Dublin and wish to take e...

Last post at 2006-03-28 16:27:50
1 reply


I travel to Ireland every year arriving at Dun Laogharie Port and travelling to Donegal. Can anybody give me the best route to t...

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