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General discussion forum for questions and queries relating to travel to and within Ireland.

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Last post at 2005-09-07 16:23:46
3 replies

Cycling from Dublin to Galway and back

A group of us approaching another mid-life crisis, as we will all be 50 next year, want to spend a week cycling across Ireland f...

Last post at 2005-09-06 02:26:47
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Country Code

I have run across the phrase obey the country code in a few sites I'd like to see. Can someone clarify exactly what this means?...

Last post at 2005-09-05 21:35:05
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Aran knitwear

Has anyone bought any Aran knitwear for Achill knits from Achill Is. Mayo, via their website?  Thanks ...

Last post at 2005-09-05 21:34:32
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Aran knitwear

Has anyone bought any Aran knitwear for Achill knits from Achill Is. Mayo, via their website?  Thanks ...

Last post at 2005-09-05 13:09:10
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stay and work in dublin

Hi there I'm coming to dublin with a friend in nov-dec 2005 and we're looking for cheap,well-situated accomodation (kno...

Last post at 2005-09-05 01:40:14
2 replies

What is DUBLIN 16,18,19

What does it mean when people say Dublin 15, Dublin 18?..Can someone direct me ..thanks....

Last post at 2005-09-04 19:02:50
No replies yet

looking for an old friend

Hello, I'm trying to locate an old friend who I haven't heard from in about 10 years.  His name is Joseph Brad...

Last post at 2005-09-04 16:39:31
1 reply

Irish Flag

I was just wondering if anyone knew the proper way to fold the Irish Flag......

Last post at 2005-09-02 13:09:09
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New Year

Hi where is the best place to party all night on New Year for 2 couples? Lively music and reasonably priced drinks a must! (Trad...

Last post at 2005-09-01 04:22:15
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Regan's Pub

My mother is Marie Josephine Regan, (passed away 2003)from Boyle area, Co Roscommon. Does the Regan pub still exist in Boyle and...

Last post at 2005-08-31 23:40:27
1 reply

Coole park

Hello!. I am a avid Yeats fan, and will be visiting the country soon for the first time. I went onto the coole park web -site ht...

Last post at 2005-08-31 18:07:58
No replies yet

location of "Loy Gardens"`

I'm visiting Tyrone in October. The Tithe Applotment books had a David Ray living in "Loy Gardens" of Derryloran parish. I can't...

Last post at 2005-08-28 12:07:46
1 reply

Dooley Tours

Can someone tell me how widely the B and B vouchers from Dooley Tours are accepted throughout Ireland? We are planning a trip i...

Last post at 2005-08-26 23:51:43
1 reply

cork county flag

I want to buy a cork county flag and cannot find a stockist. Can you help ?...

Last post at 2005-08-26 13:23:49
No replies yet

Hardware shops

I would like to buy a PDA from Dublin.Which shop does the most reasonable prices offer in Dublin? Thanks a million....

Last post at 2005-08-25 14:10:57
No replies yet

Gaelic games in Limerick

Can anyone tell me if there are any games on at the New Field in Limerick on 10/11 September please?...

Last post at 2005-08-24 16:56:29
No replies yet

accomod en route to dub. airport

hi, my flight out is at 7.15am - i'm using the 747 bus passing o connell st, is there anywhere 2 kip the nite b4 ..4 around 50 ...

Last post at 2005-08-24 13:58:19
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cruise ship docking

Can somebody tell me where exactly the Prinsendam will dock on Aug. 29?...

Last post at 2005-08-23 15:59:33
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$100 bills

pleas be advised NOT to bring $100 bills to ireland they are extremely hard to convert....

Last post at 2005-08-23 15:53:06
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TV Cork vs Djurgarden

Is there any TV-Channel who broadcast the football game between Cork City vs Djurgårdens IF on thursday 25th?...

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