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General discussion forum for questions and queries relating to travel to and within Ireland.

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Last post at 2005-02-21 22:01:30
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Are there tickets available in Dublin that are valid on the DART for a week and are there tickets for the busses in Dublin City...

Last post at 2005-02-21 21:59:42
1 reply

need a map

Could someone please tell me were abouts 5 Beresford Place Gardiner St, Dublin, Ireland. I NEED A MAP THANK YOU?...

Last post at 2005-02-21 21:38:01
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tatoo parlor in Shannon

Going to be visiting Ireland in a few weeks, looking for a GOOD tatoo studio in Shannon or Limerick?...

Last post at 2005-02-21 18:45:01
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Looking for a summer sublet

hi, I am looking for a rental for the month of july, possibly august as well. Somewhat close to city centre preferred. Please ...

Last post at 2005-02-20 12:49:48
4 replies

Visiting Dublin in March?

My daughter & I would love to visit Dublin from Boston in mid-March while she has a week's vacation from school. Neither of us h...

Last post at 2005-02-19 17:39:26
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pen pal

looking for old pen pal from school, Rose Mary McKane aprox 30 Years old. County Donegal.Please respond e-mail thank-you!...

Last post at 2005-02-17 20:27:27
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Looking for self-cat acc that suits 7 people in Dublin - Weekend in May

I am looking for some self- catering accommodation that suits 7 (maybe 8) persons in Dublin for a weekend in May (May 13th to M...

Last post at 2005-02-16 22:37:27
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fitzpatrick hotel

any comments on the fitz? getting ready to book a stay there, just curious if anyone has had good/bad experiences.much than...

Last post at 2005-02-14 17:17:33
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Are there any Archer's or Geary's still in Waterford ? Please e-mail me...

Last post at 2005-02-14 12:28:50
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Stag Do

Hi, from 7-9th March me and 31 friends are staying at the Russell Court on harcourt st, we stayed there last year and it was gre...

Last post at 2005-02-14 00:19:47
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Can anyone give me some RELIABLE tips on local Irish customs, some basic cultural do's and don'ts when visiting Ireland? Thank y...

Last post at 2005-02-08 18:15:44
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What is best way to spend in Ireland so we get the most for our dollar? It's abeen suggested I using ATM's is best;any thoughts...

Last post at 2005-02-07 12:02:08
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Wheelchair Hire in Dublin??

Can anyone tell me if its possible to hire a wheelchair in Dublin, just for a weekend. Many Thanks...

Last post at 2005-02-04 13:45:10
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Looking 4 (pre) valentines event in Dublin

Like Chris a few messages earlier, I'm also looking for THE (pre) valentine event in Dublin. Anywhere special parties going on o...

Last post at 2005-01-31 14:30:13
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I've been wanting to buy a crockpot for a close friend who lives in Ireland. I'm in New York City and I can't buy it here to sen...

Last post at 2005-01-29 06:29:44
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Castle Finn

I have never been able to find a picture of Castle Finn and it would meen the world to my grandfather who has been researching t...

Last post at 2005-01-28 13:02:40
2 replies

Belfast - Lahinch

Hi could you give me an indication of the distance between Belfast and LahinchThanks...

Last post at 2005-01-25 15:16:07
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Last post at 2005-01-24 12:30:41
1 reply


how much of a trip is it to travel from dublin, where the cruise ships come in, to cork. I would like to visit the village of Bl...

Last post at 2005-01-24 12:24:19
1 reply


how far of a drive is it from dublin to waterford? is this the best location for good prices on waterford crystal?thanks for...

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