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Drinking Customs and Laws

The Temple Bar Pub, in Temple Bar Ireland is packed full of pubs, from the old man’s locals to ale emporiums to chic café bars. For those in Dublin, Temple Bar is a good place to start, the small size of the area making it ideal for a lively, late night pub crawl. Many of the city’s bars are to be found well away from Temple Bar in the older, more established parts of town, and some of the most fashionable bars are on the north side.

The pubs of Ireland are simply not just a place to have a drink. They are theatres for storytelling, backdrops for romance, homes away from home, keepers of the spirit of the city, and places to be revered and admired.

What is “the craic”? Well this is what some people in Ireland call having a good time. The best place to see the Irish enjoying “the craic” is in their famous pubs. Go along and catch the heart of the city.

Maybe you want to pay your respects to James Joyce by going to one of the place mentioned in Ulysses, or dream of Brendan Beehan while “lowering one” in one of the places frequented by himself or any of the other famous Irish characters. A great way to find some of these character pubs is by joining up with Dublin’s popular pub crawls. In all of these places you will find nothing but drink, seats, people, and atmosphere.

Inside The Temple Bar Pub, in Temple BarDublin Price Guide 2012

Pints: ?4.00 – ?5.50
Spirits, Shots: ?5.00 – ?7.50
Wine (Glass): ?4.50+
Note: Pubs outside of Dublin are often cheaper.

If in doubt, consult the price list when in the pub — the law requires each pub to display a list.

18? Prove it!

The legal age to buy alcohol in Ireland is 18. You must be able to prove your age. A passport, National Identity Card, Garda Síochána Age Card (Age Card issued by Irish Police), drivers licence are all usually acceptable. Expect staff to check your ID, particularly if you look to be in your late teens or twenties.

Opening Hours

  • Closing time midweek is 11.30pm with half hour drinking up time.
  • Closing time on Friday and Saturday nights is 12.30am with half hour drinking up time.
  • Off sales (i.e. sales of alcohol for purchase off the premises, e.g. from a shop) cease at 10pm each evening.

Every pub shuts on Good Friday and Christmas Day. Alcohol cannot be purchased anywhere on these days.

Most nightclubs with a full bar will serve drink until about 2.30am.

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