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Tourist Safety and Security in Ireland

In case of emergency, dial 112 or 999. These calls are free from any phone.


Ireland is an extremely safe country for visitors, however it is adviseable to take the same precautions one would take when out and about. For example:


  • Use a handbag or shoulder bag that can be held securely. Mind your bag when in crowded streets, shops or when having a meal or drink.
  • When visiting the city centre area, park your car in one of the controlled car parks and retain the parking ticket on your person.
  • Always lock your car securely when leaving it unattended, even for brief periods.
  • When checking in to your accommodation, ask the receptionist about secure car parking.


  • DO NOT leave luggage, valuables, cameras, etc exposed inside a parked car or luggage attached to a roof rack.
  • DO NOT carry your passport or large amounts cash with you or leave them in your room. Use the security facilities that may be available at your accommodation.
  • DO NOT give money to children or people begging – it only encourages this activity.
  • DO NOT pitch tents or camp in open spaces, unapproved sites, and public areas – camp only on approved sites.

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