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Leap Card – Integrated ticketing on Ireland’s public transport

Leap CardThe Leap Card is a smartcard which can be used to pay for journeys on all Luas and Dublin Bus services, all Irish Rail DART and Dublin Commuter services, as well as some Bus √Čireann services and Wexfordbus services. It acts as an electronic purse — the user “tops it up” by purchasing travel credit online, from ticket vending machines at Luas and Rail stations, or in many shops and newsagents around the country. By touching the card against a reader at the start of journeys (on buses) or start and end of journeys (on Luas and rail services) the appropriate amount will be deducted from the card’s travel credit.

Leap Card fares are discounted against normal cash fares, so not only is it more convenient, it saves you money.

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Where can I buy a Leap Card?

For visitors to Ireland, you can buy your Leap Card in advance and have it delivered to you before you leave home — allowing you to start using it as soon as you arrive:

If flying into Dublin Airport, cards can also be purchased on your arrival: In Terminal 1, Eason’s and the Kiosk newsagent both sell Leap Cards. The Spar newsagent sells Leap Cards in Terminal 2.

Additionally, Leap Cards can be purchased in over 400 retail locations around Dublin — watch out for the “Leap Card” or “Payzone” logos.

Where can I Top-Up my Leap Card credit?

You can add credit:

- at ticket vending machines at any Luas stop or Irish Rail station in the Dublin area.
- at any of over 400 retail outlets where you see the “Leap Card” or “Payzone” logo.
- online at

How do I use my Leap Card?

On Luas (tram) services, simply hold your card against the reader on the platform before boarding a tram, and ensure it is successfully read — this will be indicated on the display as well as by sound. When you disembark from a tram at your destination, hold your card against a reader on the platform again. Note: If your journey includes travel on both the Green AND Red lines, you must touch-on and touch-off separately on both lines!

On DART / Commuter Rail services, simply hold your card against the reader on the ticket turnstile at as you enter the station to pass through the turnstile. At your destination, do the same to exit the station.

On Bus services, enter through the left-hand side of the door, inform the driver of your destination, when asked to by the driver, hold your card against the reader. Alternatively, you may enter through the right-hand side of the door and use the reader on your right — however this will deduct the maximum fare. In either case, when disembarking from the bus, there is no need to “touch off” — you can simply leave the bus.

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